A hair removal cream or a depilatory cream is a specially formulated cream to remove unwanted body hairs quickly and easily. The perfect mix of different types of ingredients in this product breaks down the keratin in the hair so that it comes out easily giving you silky, hair-less skin. In addition to removing hairs from the skin surface, this amazing cream also smoothens your skin to give it a very radiant and beautiful outlook.

Now that you understand what is depilation and what does a hair removal cream do, it’s time to discuss if using hair removal creams is safe for you or not.

If we want to answer this question, then the answer cannot be just “yes” or “no”. There are several factors that you must keep in mind to make sure that the depilatory cream is safe for your skin completely.

Let’s discuss these factors so that you have an even better understanding of this topic.

Choose the Right Cream

Every skin type is different. And different skin types have different characteristics. That’s why choosing the right depilatory cream is extremely important. The right product would not only remove the unwanted hairs quickly and safely but also keep irritation, redness and allergies at bay. Before applying any hair removal cream on your skin, make sure that it is suitable for your special skin type and characteristics.

Pick The Right Ingredients

Even when you get the right hair removal cream for your particular skin type, there are chances that it might contain ingredients that you are allergic to. Before making your purchase you must check the ingredients list to ensure maximum safety.

Allergy Testing

You can never be safe enough when it comes to your skin. And therefore, before applying the hair removal cream on your whole body, it’s mandatory that you perform an allergic test just to make sure that you are not allergic to your favorite depilatory cream.

How to perform an allergic test?

Well, the allergic test is a super easy yet effective way to find out whether the depilatory cream is suitable for your particular skin or not. For this test, apply the cream in a smaller area of your body at least 24 hours (or longer if recommended) prior to trying it on your full body. If within this time there is no burns, damages or irritation, then this cream is safe for you to use.

Even though now you know that a hair removal cream is extremely safe for you if it full-fills all the above items, there are still some questions that might be lingering in your mind. We have tried to answer all those so that you can use this painless hair removal method without any worry.

Is Hair Removal Cream Safe For Genital Area?

One of the most common methods that girls use to remove unwanted hairs from their genital area and private parts is depilatory creams. It is extremely popular because hair removal creams don’t hurt or cause cuts while getting rid of the hairs. However, if it’s your first time trying this method or even when you have tried it several times, you might always wonder if depilatory creams are safe hair removal for the genital area or not.

To your great dismay, these creams are not the best method of hair removal for sensitive areas. We are saying this because as these creams contain a mix of ingredients it might cause irritation and inflammation in your private areas. These irritations can lead to long term problems resulting in severe skin and health damage.

But then again, you can always use natural home remedies to remove unwanted hair from your bikini line and sensitive areas. These remedies are not only safe but also get rids of the hairs effectively for cleaner, more attractive body parts.

Is It Bad To Use Hair Removal Cream on Your Face?

Well, the answer to this question might be a little tricky. This is because a depilatory cream that is formulated especially for the face [like this Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit For Face at Amazon] is an excellent way to remove your facial hairs in a pain-free way. This cream dissolves the keratin and wipes hair gently so that you don’t have to sport a moustache or beards [jawline hairs] in public.

But then again, the creams that are meant for body and bikini line hair removal are not at all suitable for your face use. Even though they work wonders on the body, you must avoid these depilatories in any shape and form for your delicate facial skin.

Some Questions We Get Regularly

Does hair removal cream hurt?

Girls and women prefer hair removal creams over other methods like razors, tweezing, and waxing because it is painless. The chemical ingredients present in these creams dissolve the hair from the surface and provides a very smooth, silky skin. As it doesn’t tweeze, puck or use blades for the process, a depilatory cream doesn’t hurt you in any way. You can use it without any worry.

Name some safe hair removal creams?

While one cream is safe for you might not be safe for the others. And therefore, we cannot just name them flatly.

However, we can name some popular depilatory creams in the market so that you can choose the best one for you easily.

Some quick and popular hair removal creams you can try from Amazon Veet Sensitive Hair Remover Gel Cream, Nad’s Hair Removal Cream, Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream.

Is Veet hair removal cream safe?

The answer to this question might be a little tricky. This is because, while some girls find Veet hair removal creams extremely effective and safe in removing hair, others didn’t experience the same results.
But then again, generally, Veet depilatory creams are safe if you don’t have any severe allergic reactions.

Is hair removal cream better than shaving?

If you are afraid of cuts and burns, then definitely hair removal creams are a better option than shaving. But then again, the choice is personal and it won’t be wise to give a verdict here.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to explain everything little aspect about the safety-ness of a depilatory cream above. As much as these creams are easy and painless to use, the safety aspect is a matter of concern.

However, with the above article, we can hope that you would understand whether this product is safe or not. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment below.