Which is Better for Your Face

Even though both shaving and dermaplaning remove unwanted hair from your face effectively for a clearer surface, one thing girls always wonders about is “which hair removal method they should try on their face? What would be the safest option for them?”

While shaving has been one of the quickest and widely used methods of removing facial, dermaplaning facial seems to offer more convenience to the users with long-lasting results. And because of such aspects, it is very natural to get confused about which one to try on your delicate face for the most precise and safe results.

But then again, we are here to help you. We have compared these two facial removal methods in great detail so that you know their benefits and drawbacks and take a decision wisely to flaunt a gorgeous face.


Face shaving with razors like this Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women’s Razor is one of the quick fixes for women with facial hairs. It doesn’t matter what type of hairs you have or what is your skin color, razors will make sure to remove those annoying facial hairs quickly for a clean, clear face. A handful of celebrities also love shaving because of the hassle-free results it offers. However, when it comes to safety issues, shaving is not the safest options out there to remove your facial hairs. The sharp blades from the razor can potentially cut through your face and make you bleed. Moreover, it can also scar your face and make you look unpleasant. This is a risk too high for women.

On the other hand, dermaplaning is an extremely safe hair removal method for your face. Even though it also uses a blade to remove all the peach fuzz [unwanted facial hair] from your face, the blade is surgical-grade and glides on your face swiftly. This reduces the chances of cut and accidents and hence, it is safe for your pretty face.

Moreover, unlike razor, the surgical-grade blade won’t cause any irritation or inflammation, and also won’t result in any razor bumps in your face.

Pain Level

One notable fact about both dermaplaning and shaving is that they both are virtually pain-free facial hair removal methods. As you use medical-grade surgical blades to scrap off the surface of your face, the unwanted hairs come off easily without causing any pain or agony like it does when plucking or tweezing. The super sharp blade cuts off the hair from the face surface effectively to give you very smooth and fresh skin.

Similar to dermaplaning, face shaving is also an incredibly painless hair removal method. Even though it has the risk of cutting your face, causing scars, razor burns and irritations, shaving doesn’t cause any pain while clearing your skin surface. It’s virtually pain-free with stunning results.

Long-lasting results

No woman wants to remove hair from their face on a daily basis. The longer-lasting the results are from a hair removal session, the happier the woman is. And in such circumstances, dermaplaning facial is the best solution. This is because of longer-lasting results compared to shaving. A dermaplaning tool, such as this Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted Facial Tool, cuts the hair extremely precisely so that it takes time to grow back. In general, after a dermaplaning session, it takes at least 4 weeks for the unwanted hair to re-appear. This makes sure that you don’t have to scrap your face and get rid of peach fuzz as frequently.

However, we cannot say the same about face shaving. When you shave your face using a regular blade, the hair grows back faster than would expect. As this blade doesn’t cut the hairs as precisely, it just takes a few days to grow the hairs back making you shave again.

Re-grown Facial Hair Quality

One of the main concerns of women when shaving or dermaplaning their face is whether the hairs will grow back darker or thicker. To their great relief, both these hair removal methods promise not to grow back hair darker or thicker. Shaving and dermaplaning serve your right when it comes to the quality of the hair that re-appears on the face.

As, in both the facial hair removing methods, you cut off the unwanted hairs from the surface and not the roots, the roots remain unaffected. And as the root remains intact, the quality of the re-grown hair doesn’t change a bit. It is scientifically impossible to grow back thicker or darker hairs after these procedures.

However, there is a slight difference in the quality of re-grown hairs from shaving to dermaplaning facial. As you hold the blade at a 45-degree angle while dermaplaning, the hairs are cut at a certain angle. And when they are grown back, these hairs are not as sharp and prickly as the re-grown hairs from shaving.

Moreover, over repeated, regular sessions, dermaplaning can slow down the hair re-growth time and also produce finer hair so that they are not as visible on your pretty face as before. 

Hair Removal Session Duration

Shaving is loved by many women out there because it offers a quick fix and helps you to get rid of unwanted facial hair promptly. As your skin needs minimal preparation for the shaving, all you need to do is just glide the razor on your face in gentle strokes and you are good to go. Face shaving is an extremely easy and simple process.

However, when it comes to dermaplaning, each hair removal session is not as short as shaving. As you are dealing with a super sharp blade in this method, you have to be super careful and precise while scrapping your face. And for such reasons, each dermaplaning session requires more time than shaving the face.


When it comes to the price of these facial hair removal tools, the price doesn’t differ a lot. Bot razors and dermaplaning kits have similar price tags and therefore, don’t make a noticeable difference.

However, if you try dermaplaning at any clinic or spa, each session is super expensive and is bound to cut deep into your pocket.

Our Verdict

Now that we have discussed two very similar facial hair removal methods, shaving and dermaplaning, in details, we hope that you have understood them completely to make your decision wisely. However, if you ask us our opinion on this, we would suggest you opt for dermaplaning as it’s not only safe, but it also offers long-lasting results. Moreover, alongside removing facial hair, it also exfoliates your face for a flawless outlook.

Question We Get Frequently

Will shaving cause acne in my face?

You have to be clear about the difference between acne and razor bumps first. While shaving might result in major razor bumps and make your face look “no so pretty”, it will not result in any acne, unless you have it beforehand.

Does dermaplaning also exfoliate my face?

The magic of dermaplaning is that, while getting rid of unwanted facial hairs, it also exfoliates your face and removes dead skin cell for a super smooth and clean face. As you scrap off the top layer of your face with the dermaplaning tool, it removes all the dirt, product buildup and dead cell to reveal gorgeous skin underneath.