What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning or dermaplaning facial [however you call it is a modern method of removing unwanted facial hair. It has gained overnight popularity amongst women from all over the world because it’s virtually pain-free and provides stunning results. It uses a surgical-grade medical blade to scrap the top layer of your face and remove the annoying facial hairs [also known as peach fuzz] to give you a fresh, smooth face-just as you have always wanted.

In addition to getting rid of the peach fuzz, this amazing facial method also removes any kind of build-up and dead skin cells to make your face look healthier and glowy than ever before.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

When it comes to removing the unwanted hair from your face [lip, chin, upper lip], nothing can beat the results that Dermaplaning offers you. This amazing hair removal method gained popularity overnight among women because of its chemical-free hair removal procedures- it uses a medical-grade surgical blade to get rid of the unwanted hairs from the face, instead of using any chemical creams or foams. Women from all over the world love to do Dermaplaning on their face because of its amazing and instant results.

Now you might wonder what are these amazing benefits that hooked women for Dermaplaning?

Well, for you to understand the benefit of Dermaplaning completely, we have discussed them in detail below so that you feel in love with this pain-free hair removal method as much as others did.

Get Rids of Even The Finest of Hair

A dermaplaning procedure can be doubled as a face shaving method. However, unlike the conventional shaving procedure, the dermaplaning facial is much more effective in removing facial hair quickly and safely. As you are using a medical-caliber, sharp surgical blade to remove unwanted hairs, the method is much more swift and produces better, cleaner results than the regular razor shaves.

Moreover, as you remove even the finest and smallest of facial hairs from your pretty little face during a dermaplaning session, your skin will look brighter and more youthful than ever before.

Hair Doesn’t Grow Back Thicker And Darker

One of the most common concerns of women removing facial hair is that it will grow back darker and thicker, more like a beard. But to your great relief, it’s a complete myth- dermaplaning doesn’t let your facial hair grow darker and thicker and make you look bad.

In the dermaplaning process, the sharp blade only cuts the vellus hair off at a mid-way point, which means that the hair follicles deep inside the skin are not affected in any shape or form. And as the hair root is not affected, it is scientifically impossible to grow back thicker or darker hairs after the procedure.

Another advantage of dermaplaning is that it doesn’t cause any hyperpigmentation on your face, unlike many other facial hair removal methods.

Bright, Even Out Skin Tone

Even though the main benefit of dermaplaning is pain-free, safe hair removal, the advantages don’t end here. This amazing facial procedure also actively exfoliates your skin and removes all the dead skin cells so that your face looks flawless and glows from within.

The medical-grade blade helps to get rid of all dead skin cells from the face surface while removing peach fuzz to even out your skin tone. In addition to removing the dead cells, this modern technique also stimulates skin cell regeneration so that your face appears even brighter, smooth and fresh.

Makeup Goes On Smoothly

Another benefit of dermaplaning that women absolutely love is how flawless their face looks after applying makeup. As this modern facial technique removes all the peach fuzz and dead skin cells from your face effectively, your skin becomes smooth and soft. And when you apply makeup on such a smooth and fresh face, it glides on easily making you look as gorgeous as ever.

Extremely Safe

One of the main reasons women love dermaplaning is that it is pain-free and extremely safe. The surgical-grade blade removes hair swiftly so that there are fewer chances of cut and accidents. Moreover, as it is suitable for all types of skin [even sensitive skin], this procedure won’t cause any irritation or inflammation in your face, unlike hair removal creams and waxes.

When you use creams and foams to get rid of the unwanted hairs from your pretty face, you are always at the risk of burning and damaging your delicate face. But with modern dermaplaning, you are free from such risks and can remove hairs effectively.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of dermaplaning are endless if you follow the correct steps with the right accessories. Not only you get a fresh, hair-less face but also enjoy post-treatment benefits. Try it out for yourself with an expert, and thank us later for the benefits you are about to enjoy.

Question We Get Frequently

Will dermaplaning cause breakouts?

One of the most notable benefits of dermaplaning is that it removes dead skin cells from your face while getting rid of unwanted hairs. And as it cleans the skin surface of dead cells, there are zero chances that this procedure will cause any breakouts or acne on your precious face.
Because there are no dead cells left on the skin, nothing will clog the pores and hair follicles to result in breakout and pimples.

Is there any risk of cutting your face during the dermaplaning procedure?

As the dermaplaning facial uses a sharp blade for the hair removal process, there are always chances that you might suffer from a face cut while undergoing this process.
But then again, if you try this hair removal method in the hands of an expert, the process would be safer and quicker. And the possibilities of any cut would reduce to almost zero.

Who should avoid the dermaplaning facial?

Even though dermaplaning is an excellent way to remove peach fuzz from your face while making it flawless, this procedure is not for everyone out there. If you are suffering from cystic acne or active pustular acne, then you must avoid this facial at any cost. The sharp blade can make the acne worse and result in inflammation and redness.

How often you should try the dermaplaning facial?

Even though dermaplaning should be performed every three to four weeks, the frequency actually depends on the rate of your hair growth. If your facial hair takes time to appear, you can also try out this method every 6 weeks.
However, don’t perform it quicker than four weeks because you need to give your skin time to complete its normal rejuvenation cycle. After that, you are good to go.